In the nasty, brutish and short world of freelance journalism and creative media production naming and shaming is the last line of defence. This space is reserved for all the unethical fuckers who upset our finely honed sense of morality and integrity. A place where we can denigrate the people who fail to pay us, mouth off drunkenly about debts gone bad and high flying politicos riding the gravy train on our hard earned tax moolah.

Robert Mugabe
This guy is a class one fucker! But Credo Mutwa describes the situation best: "All I do know, sir, is that earthly power is like a baboon falling upon the back of a leopard. If you have become a man of power and you treated people very badly at one time, as Mugabe did, you can’t get off the leopard of power. You do not dare. So what Mugabe is doing, is something that any cruel person would do. He dare not get off power. Because the moment he climbs down the relatives of the people he killed would take vengeance. Especially now that there are courts which try people who commit genocide. He can’t get off, he dare not get off. And his people are going to suffer until death closes his eyes."
Thabo Mbeki
Unfit to govern. The president of South Africa has no backbone. Or a seriously warped sense of morality. He, like most of his government, has done very little governing during his 10 year tenure. Aids, Zimbabwe, Crime and Eskom are the calling cards of his failed legacy. He has betrayed the values of the liberation movement and set the standard so low that I, personally, am looking forward to a Zuma presidency. Knowing Thabo, how bad could it be?
Cristiano Ronaldo
Just watch him score a goal and you'll know what I am talking about. Self belief is great. Being a narcissistic self loving demagogue who regularly scores goals against Arsenal is quite another.
Sport and politics, chalk and cheese, red wine and chewing gum. Some things should never mix. When you look at the depth of talent at the grass roots, South Africa should be the undisputed heavyweights of Rugby Union. Instead we're 3rd in line behind a bunch of sheep obsessed Antipodeans. And the reason for this is because a bunch of failed middle aged men run the game of Rugby in South Africa and keep trying to promote people into the first team based on the colour of their skin, or how connected their father's are, instead of how well they play the game. It's a disgrace really.

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