Young, Dumb and Full of Cash
The youth market is one of the most hotly contested chunks of media pie around the world. To understand why is simple. The vast majority of young people are stoopid! They'll buy anything as long as...Read more
Disturbed Frequencies - South African Youth Radio
From the stages of festivals across the country, attended and supported by a rising class of thousands of integrated South Africans and local music aficionados, the verdict is unanimous: South...Read more
Coastal Radio
Two ouens are sitting in a rusted Ford Escort with tinted windows, lowered suspension, 18 inch mags and an old Mariah Carey CD dangling from the rearview mirror. The sound of static intermittently...Read more
The fact that South African sports teams have performed like dogs being whipped by Australian cheerleaders for the last two years has meant very little to the bottom line of the sports print...Read more
Bored Sheets
‘Hey baby!’ drawls the ou in a Kaapse accent, hanging half his body out of the moving minibus taxi. He looks her up and down, then focuses on the tattoo swirling up from the waistband of...Read more
Two big fish in printing
If you've ever dreamt of launching your own magazine in South Africa, and then done a bit of research as to how to get the thing printed, one thing becomes evident... It is going to cost you much,...Read more
Broadcast Youth
Recently I overheard the editor of a national youth magazine claim that their title 'owned youth culture in South Africa'. While I simultaneously choked and blew a mixture of canapé and beer out my...Read more
Morning Glory
Irfaan Hendricks skrik wakker as the howling voice of Mark Gillman bludgeons him towards consciousness. He can barely make sense of what the guy is saying, but he knows what it means. 06h30...Read more
Racey Magazines
When SL magazine first graced our shelves it was a shot in the arm for the new South Africa, a magazine that proudly celebrated, reported on and introduced us to our burgeoning youth culture. From...Read more

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