Tidal Waves Bio
The crowd is skanking in unison, bouncing up and down like an irie earthquake of rhythm. The dreadlocked maestro with the guitar stops blowing his harmonica and leans into the microphone and shouts:...Read more
What started out as10 minutes of riotous radio comedy on YFM's afternoon show has blossomed into instant celebrity, a full length kwaito album (through Ghetto Ruff) and a SAMA award for best...Read more
Voluminous: Tumi Molekane
'Go shorty it's your birthright. And we're gonna fight like it's your birthright. Yes we're gonna fight 'cos it's your birthright. And they don't give a fuck about your...Read more
Rock in a Hard Place: Arno Carstens
The story of the Springbok Nude Girls is a sad one. A tale of an extraordinary band, with an original South African rock sound and massive local support. The Nudies should have broken SA rock to the...Read more
Shake That Bootie iAfrika
It’s late on a Thursday night or early on a Friday morning in Belville, a predominantly affluent, white, Afrikaans suburb to the North of Cape Town. The four thousand strong crowd in the...Read more
Party Politics
It's not often that you get approached by your government and dispatched to a former colony to help them celebrate their tenth year of democracy. It sure beats the hell out of being sent to Iraq,...Read more
Visualise Whirled Peas
Thanks to MTV, globalism, the Rand's newfound strength, low interest rates and the relative backwater isolation of our audiences, South Africa has suddenly seen a rash of international live music...Read more
Donkey Rattler: Felix Laband
Felix Laband is probably South Africa's most prolific and successful electronic music artist. Of course this is not saying much in a genre that manages a ceiling of around 2000 local sales per...Read more
Queasy Listening
Warrick Sony is one of the most prolific and groundbreaking South African musicians. In many ways he is the godfather of electronic music in South Africa. No surprises then that release number 11 for...Read more
Loxion Dancehall
African Dope Records, the seminal South African independent electronic music label, and self-confessed stoners, have just released their tenth and eleventh albums respectively. The aptly named and...Read more
When The Struggle comes to Town
So there I was chilling at the North Sea Jazz festival wondering where all these well-heeled black folk come from? The place was jam packed with the previously struggling, currently advantaged and...Read more
Bee-Baa: Fokofpolisiekar
Take everyone from your past that has ever upset you, done you wrong, bullied you in school or called you names. Take the man, your boss, your mom, your dad, corrupt politicians, that failed...Read more
Treasure Island Dub
The island of Reunion rises up out of the Indian Ocean like the Lost World, only with a substantial bit of infrastructure marking it's lower reaches. Deep ravines cut down the steep green inclines...Read more
I'm not Hasselt
Wake up in the air, almost 10 000 km from South Africa. As the crow flies, or the big metal bird. Joburg, Switzerland, Switzerland Paris, Paris, Brussels, Brussels, Hasselt. Take-offs and landings,...Read more
340ml Dub Bio
You don’t know me, my name is Andy Davis and I am a South African music and culture journalist. My friends from 340ml have asked me to say a few kind words about them to help them...Read more

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