Samuel Augustus Maverick
Maverick - 1 an unbranded calf or yearling. 2 an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

As the reader of this esteemed business magazine you probably consider yourself something of an...Read more

Arsene Wenger
One shouldn't really compare living football managers to legendary business leaders and dead billionaires. But in the case of Arsene Wenger, like many a Gooner, we're willing to make an exception....Read more
Jaques Cousteau
The lifetime achievements of Jacques Yves Cousteau can often serve to deflate the ego of the garden variety multi-millionaire. Because Jacques really crammed a great deal of achievements into his...Read more
Estee Lauder
The phone rings with a shriek in the small converted restaurant that serves as the lab, packing and operational centre of the fledgling cosmetic business known as Estee Lauder. The year is 1937. A...Read more
Lee Kuan Yew
'Oh I remember that place.' Says my wisened, elderly Singaporean-Chinese taxi driver. I have just given him the address of where I will be staying. 'It used to be a village, close to where I grew...Read more
Kirk Kerkorian
Very rarely do we profile a mortal, one whose story is not yet a history and who still draws breath and walks among us. The door is still ajar, and the mortal could, ostensibly still disgrace himself...Read more
It's hard to put a fresh spin on the life and work of Pablo Picasso, widely known as the greatest artist of the 20th century. He is also the most famous artist. No wonder it's hard to separate the...Read more
Ernest Oppenheimer
Albert Camus once noted, in his bleak existential manner that, 'l'homme doit etre plus fort que sa condition.' Man must be stronger than his condition. And could there be any greater maxim for...Read more
Barney Barnato
The story of Barney Barnato is South Africa's original rags to riches tale. He set the example for a generation of European fortune seekers, eking out an existence in colonial South Africa. One of...Read more

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