Credo Mutwa
On Zimbabwe

The thing is no one really knows anything in this modern world. You don't know what links there are between who and who. All I do know, sir, is that earthly power is like a baboon...Read more

Not Such Big Fellas
If you've been lounging around your local bioscope lately, shlurping Slush Puppy and munching popcorn, you may have checked a trailer for a new South African film called Big Fellas . It's...Read more
Hugh Masekela
I sit down in his lounge and fidget with my stuff while I wait for him to get out of bed. I can hear him brushing his teeth, clearing his throat. Now he's having a shower. Eventually he comes into...Read more
The Krokodil Hunter: Patricia de Lille
Politicians are globally recognised as the scourge of the earth, lowest of the low, lower than snakes and even lawyers. And in South Africa's infantile democracy our own rash of Teflon-coated,...Read more
Sir Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof is like the Pied Piper of the modern world. The original Irish rockstar turned philanthropist, politician and outspoken anti-poverty activist, has been leading multitudes of the world's...Read more
Loophole in the Airwaves
For one brief month there was a radio station in Cape Town worth listening to. And by the time you read this article it is nothing more than the cackle and hiss of static over dead air. Spectrum 91.3...Read more
Red Bull Gives You Things (RBMA)
As usual, Nathi Dlamini is stretched out on his back, on the couch, left hand cradling his head, right hand in his pants, cradling his braai pack. He's watching TV. Walker Texas Ranger. And while he...Read more
The year is 1997, it's three years since Nelson Mandela's long walk to freedom led him up the stairs of the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Liberated South Africa is just starting to come to terms with...Read more
Drum Magazine
'A Magazine of Africa, for Africa. In that phrase we recognise the existence of more than 150 000 000 Bantu and Negro inhabitants of this continent whom we will attempt to reach for the first time in...Read more
Charlize Theron
This week has been a whirlwind as South African media got it's first real brush with Hollywood A-list, in the form of our own triumphant Benoni prinses , Charlize Theron. In many ways the...Read more
esCape Town
It's that time of year again when the old, sleepy fishing village of Cape Town, or 'mini-Europe' as it's fondly known by the plethora of apartheid-guilt escape artists who call its leafy suburbs...Read more
Brand Politics
Analysis of election advertising campaigns often provide an objective litmus test of what political parties actually stand for, as opposed to what they communicate in order to secure your vote....Read more

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