Mali Biscuits
Inside the mud walls of the Great Mosque in Djenne it is dark, quiet and cool. The exact opposite of the harsh mid-morning market scene outside. Bustling, bright and bloody hot. We slip quietly...Read more
Get Stoked
So you want to be a surfer? Of course you do. Who doesn't these days? Who wouldn't want to thread their way through a curling chunk of blue ocean, in a palm-fringed paradise, on the edge of the...Read more
The Bush University
‘I’m tired of these events about how quickly people can race around a sand dune in a 4x4,’ says Gerhard Groenewald, conservationist, 4x4 expert and general African bosveld guru,...Read more
Weekend Warriors
I have a confession. I have been misguided. I have often thought of Toyota's Rav4 as a chick's car. For too long I bought into the false belief that if Jay Z drives a new chromed-up Range Rover,...Read more
Gravel is an elevated substance, an enlightened boulder, much further on down the evolutionary track than a mountain. If mountains, evolve into boulders, and boulders to stones to pebbles to gravel...Read more
Big Smile Coastline
Boards strapped securely, foot pressed hard on the accelerator, burning gas, not caring, slowly chipping away the 6 hour drive to sub-tropical Durban. South Africa’s coastline stretches like a...Read more
The guy claims to be a student travelling through Africa with his mate. He is cradling a state of the art camera with a massive telephoto lens in his lap, under a t-shirt. For someone who claims to...Read more
Airport Dialogue
I am waiting in the arrivals hall at the airport in Antananarivo. Friends have just arrived from South Africa, 45 minutes before our scheduled departure on a smaller plane to the South of Madagascar....Read more
The Emerald Island
Sitting here on the beach as the sun dips towards the water and lights up the lush green canopy with orange, slowly turning the turquoise sea a darker blue. It's quiet and it's warm. My Three Horse...Read more
Pimps, Pirates and Paradise
Madagascar, say it out loud. Mad-Ah-Ga-Ska! It doesn't just roll off your tongue. You've got to chew on it, taste it, before you can spit it out. All 4 A-sounding syllables. two in front, two out...Read more
Writings in the Sand
The co-ordinated chaos of the building site stands out in contrast to the lethargic, decaying mud and sand structures that surround it, dissected by roads of yellow, tyre-grooved Saharan sand. On...Read more

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