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First National Bank, South Africa's second largest financial institution, contacted Jingo to consult on producing a new communication tool for their Teen Market Product The FNB Fluid Account. Jingo conceptualized and devised the content offering. As part of the bank's campaign and added value strategy for their Teen Clients, Jingo produces and edits a fresh online magazine called Rabot. The challenge is to communicate pretty dry and sterile bank-related information that promotes financial literacy and responsibility to the youth market in an engaging and exciting way. Most importantly the content could not risk patronizing and alienating the Teen users. It has to be credible and offer valuable information - without pushing a hard sell.

The web-magazine includes weekly movie, music, product and video game reviews as well as inspirational feature profiles on musicians and artists.

The website functions as the central node for FNB Fluid's integrated and innovative marketing plan. FNB's Fluid Account has seen a rapid response in the market and is currently the second biggest Teen Bank Account in South Africa - since the Rabot initiative launched the FNB Fluid Account has seen over a 100% increase in new accounts.

Jingo has also scripted and creative directed a number of First National Bank viral videos and limited release advertisements.

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